SpedHub - Coming soon!

 · 1 min read

Hi! Welcome to Spedhub! I am so glad you are here.

Spedhub is special education social network for parents of children with special needs. The main goal of this platform is to help parents to understand what school districts in the USA are best for their children.

Every parents of special need kids attend a yearly IEP/504 meeting where goals are discussed and changed if needed. When this information is shared by each parent (anonimously without sharing information of the kid) by entering for example (1 hour of OT a month, 4 hours of Speech, etc), spedhub can be used by parents everywhere to search for his or her child disability and compare district to understand what is best. A parent can also leave a rating of theirs school by year, class and teacher.

Spedhub is currently under work! Feel free to navigate to the “contact me” page and email me any suggestions or ideas!